Retail Tech Startup Migo IQ Continues Unique "Risk-Free" Contract and Payment Model for Retail Partners

migo IQ

Brick-and-mortar brands can try out a new platform offering real-time personalization and an unprecedented leap forward in proximity marketing with zero risk.

For a limited number of clients, tech startup migo IQ is extending their original offer of a “free conversion/no installation fee” period to an additional but limited number of clients. After a number of successful partnerships with version one of the migo platform, the company is offering a free-conversion period to clients ready to experience version two of the migo IQ platform.

Depending on the scope of the contract, retailers who sign up for migo IQ’s platform will receive a period of completely free use of the machine-learning platform.  With early data showing potential conversion increases of 23%, this free conversion period could be a huge profit booster for retailers and entertainment venues. 

The goal of this exclusive financing approach, said CEO Jonathan Kotthoff, is to enable quick deployment and ability to work with retailers on their demanding seasons schedules. “We understand that the retail world is a busy one, with ongoing deadlines and continual demands and, really, no downtime,” said Kotthoff. “In order to make our platform a no-risk win for these retailers, we set up both our fee schedule and our installation to make deployment as easy as possible for our retail clients, because they already have enough to deal with.” 

“We originally only intended this special offer for our initial partners,” said Kotthoff. “But after a successful Series A raise and 23% conversion rate, our investors have enabled us to extend this offer in order to gain market share and make retail personal again.” 

The free-conversion period is designed, as well, to help retailers overcome any reluctance to try a new technology. “There are a lot of choices in retail tech,” said Joe Mueller, VP of Product Development. “We know that our platform will give retailers the revenue increase they want without increasing the workload for their staff. With this financing approach, clients can try out our platform, see for themselves, and incur zero risk.” 

Once the free-conversion period is over, the financing converts to a percentage-per-conversion fee. The standard contract also includes an opt-out clause, according to Kotthoff. “We want our clients to succeed,” said Kotthoff. “If they don’t love our platform, we give them an opt-out in the contract. We don’t get paid if they don’t succeed. It’s that simple.” 

About migo IQ

The first truly automated, truly intelligent, responsive mobile tool for brick-and-mortar retailers, migo IQ is bringing real-time personalization to the real world. The migo platform enables brick-and-mortar retailers and venues to increase revenue and offer customers the personalized in-store shopping experience they want, with no additional staffing needed.

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