Tech Startup Migo IQ Releases Feature-Rich Version Two of Machine-Learning Platform for Retailers

Migo IQ Feature Comparison

After 18 months in stealth mode gathering feedback and analysis of version one of their innovative retail platform, migo IQ has released a feature-rich, powerful version two of their platform for retailers.

The new version, in addition to the powerful machine-learning engine which drives the real-time personalization, features an artificial intelligence employee that a customer can interact with via voice or typing in chat format. Version two also adds a search feature with the ability to see the search result on the floor plan of the store, as well as the ability to ask a nearby store employee for additional assistance.

“We’ve been continually optimizing both our product features and our installation process,” said Joe Mueller, VP of Product Development and Installation. “Along with adding key features, we’ve been able to streamline our install process, cutting install time from a week to a day.”

With shortened installation times and a feature-rich second version ready for retail use, migo IQ brings a new and powerful platform that physical retailers can use to build an engaging brand app and bring true personalization to their omnichannel efforts.

Source: migo IQ


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